What if I find a new concern that is not listed in the report?

I make every effort to uncover all practical concerns when I inspect a property. Some problems may be intermittent and others may be concealed. Simply put, every issue with a property will never be discovered during the relatively short time your inspector is physically on the property. Some problems will only be uncovered by living or working in the building. Realistic expectations about your inspection and your inspector are prudent. See When things go wrong and What Really Matters.

Will the Home / Commercial inspector provide me with advice on the purchase of the property?

No. The inspection report does not represent an endorsement for or against the purchase of real estate. The report is simply intended as an exercise of discovery and clarification.

Is the seller required to fix the problems that my Home Inspection discovers?

No. The inspection is intended as an exercise of discovery. Facts may be uncovered in the report that the seller or buyer was not aware of. Your Realtor will help you work through any subsequent negotiations. Your realtor will also explain your rights and options as outlined in the inspection clause of your purchase agreement.

Will you recommend contractors that might be needed on the property?

No not directly, this goes against the Nachi code of ethics as there is some potential to accept compensation directly or indirectly. The reason I say not directly is to ensure you understand  I NEVER take any compensation from contractors of any kind yet I have been known to give my clients a list of local contractors that they can choose from whose work I can personally endorse. I do not ask that you inform the contractor that I made the recomendation which further ensures there is no conflict. Lets face it there are some poor contractors and some good ones. When I see the good work of a contractor I encourage them to become part of my network so you the client can find them. In the midwest it is difficult to find contractors that are good that are not booked several months ahead. By giving you a few choices you can at least have somewhere to start.

Do you offer to do repairs or improvements based on the inspection?

No, Nachi code of ethics prohibits home inspectors from repairing, replacing or upgrading, for compensation, systems or components covered by the standards of practice for one year after the inspection. Frankly, I have renovated so many homes over the years I have no desire to continue to do so. Below you will see the most recent renovation I have completed, yes its the same house.
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Does my property comply with all of the current building codes and laws?

A home /commercial inspection by definition is not a code compliance inspection. We sometimes make reference to code verbally or in writing, but as a point of clarification your inspection is not a code compliance inspection per se.

I do not understand construction industry terms. Will I know what is discussed?

I take great pride in putting your report findings in easy to understand language and will be certain to discuss my findings with you after you have had time to review the report. However, for your convenience a complete glossary of construction terms can be found on The National Association of Home Inspectors website at http://www.nachi.org/glossary.htm

If I like the service you provide can I recommend you to my friend?

I like most business people can always handle a pat on the back. If you feel you have been served in a professional manner and wish to recommend me I have set up a referral reward system that you can use to earn back your entire inspection $20.00 at a time . You might also wish to leave a comment on my e-mail which I can use in the CUSTOMER COMMENTS section. Any feedback you wish to provide will be greatly appreciated.

Still have a question?

Call me at (780) 872-1268 or E-mail me at. I will answer your question and possibly add your question and the answer on this page.