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Providing Mold Testing in the Lloydminster region.

We also Test indoor air quality in the Lloydminster region.

I am now specially trained and certified by International Association of indoor air consultants (IAC2) Cert. # IAC2-00-9541 to take air and mold samples to be anaylzed by a professional mycologist.After seeing so much mold in Lloydminster homes I decided it is time to offer sampling services. I have friends and even family members who have experienced extream reactions to Mold and alergens recently and as a result I decided to invest in Mold training and testing equipment. So if you have a moldy smell in your home and wish to have it examined and tested give me a call. The most important part of mold testing is still determining what is causing the mold in the first place. In the course of sampling I will also seek to find the reason behind the mold. A mold inspection is quite a bit different then a home inspection as it involves a deeper investigation and some destructive testing methods.

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