How much will the inspection cost?

This is usually the first question I am asked and it is the not the question you should be asking. First you need to look at the qualifications and character of the home inspector. Ask yourself: If I hire this person will I receive a full unbiassed and comprehensive inspection report on the true condition of my property”? This is by far the most important factor to consider. Some homes depending upon the size,  location and other customer requirements may increase the cost but this is not often. Decide what your needs are and give us a call for price. Milage charges apply for some out of town inspections.
If you have a specific concern that you wish to have me inspect such as a roof or any other single system of your home I will consider this as well based upon a few considerations. Firstly, I charge $150.00 for each single system inspection such as the roof system or the foundation. This type of partial inspection is only available in the Lloydminster area unless otherwise agreed upon. Secondly, if you hire me to look at your roof for instance, then the roof is the entire scope of the agreed upon inspection and I will not look at any other portion of the home regardless of its condition. I preform partial inspections as a courtesy to those who do not have the budget for a full inspection yet are having a problem they need answers to. I prefer doing full inspections and recommend such when ever possible.
Once again, remember you get what you pay for and the lowest price is not always the best deal!

PRICING for 2018 (real estate list, not actual floor space)

UP to 1500 sq. ft.   ….$450.00 + GST

1501 -sq. ft. 2000   ….$500.00 + GST

2000 -3000 sq. ft. ….$550.00 + GST

over 3000 sq. ft.    ….$600.00 + GST

Condo Inspection ….$350.00 + GST

Extra Fees;

Out Buildings on the site $50.00 + GST per building

Wood stove WETT Inspection $100.00 + GST with inspection or $200.00 + GST  as a stand alone inspection.

Sewer scope with inspection $100.00 +GST if part of the inspection, $200.00 + GST as stand alone inspection for the first hour then $125 per hour there after.

Mileage charges based on nearest town and generally about $0.40/ km each way. No charge mileage in Lloydminster.

Call 780-872-1268 for commercial pricing.

Call about our added services and special discount pricing and promotions for more then one additional service.

When do I pay for my Home or Commercial Inspection?

The Inspection Agreement Contract needs to be signed before you receive the inspection report. You will be asked to read and sign the agreement before you can view the report. Other arrangements for signing prior to the inspection can be made as necessary. A copy of the agreement on the tab to the left has been provided so you can read and sign it in advance of the inspection.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check or Email money transfer please.  I do not bill by invoice or as part of the settlement statement. The industry works this way so that there will never be a conflict of interest for the inspector. Thank you for your understanding.

Do I live in an area that you serve?

I regularly perform inspections in the following areas:
  • As far as North Battleford in the east
  • As far as Meadow Lake in the Northeast
  • As far as Cold Lake in the Northwest
  • As far as Coronation s in the Southwest
  • As far as Kerrobert in the Southeast
Note: travel to other areas can be arranged.
Border Property Inspections is based out of Lloydminster Saskatchewan. We serve the areas surrounding Lloydminster on both the Saskatchewan and Alberta sides of the border up to two hours distance from Lloydminster. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a truly independent and unbiased report, we guarantee it. A typical home inspection takes about 2-3 hours on site and another  1-2 hours compiling the report. We promise not to rush through the inspection, and to keep your best interest as our top priority. Your report is generally sent to you in an email the same day as the inspection.

Do you work for a real estate agent?

No. I am an independent company and my fiduciary duty is to you. Realtors will sometimes recommend several home inspectors as a professional courtesy, but I am not affiliated with or compensated by them in any way.