There is a hinge on the door to my garage that closes the door automatically, can I remove it?

It’s your house so you can basically do as you please, but before you do you should understand why the self-closure rule is in place. There is a possibility that this door will be left open without the loaded hinges. The problem with this is that the door is a safety barrier to fire and toxic fumes and deadly gases which often originate in garages. It is not unheard of to find a vehicle running unintentionally in your garage. A child playing with keys is a common culprit for unintentional vehicle starts. It is annoying when the door hits you because of the self-closure but it is nice to know the door is always closed in case of fire and fumes. 

My garage door reverses all the time. Is there a way to correct this?

Yes and it is usually not difficult to adjust. Most likely one of two problems is occurring; the door is either traveling too far causing a binding situation or the down force is set too light. Both of these conditions can usually be corrected by making small adjustments on the opener. Ideally you want the down force to reverse with light pressure but not too light. Doors are designed to reverse if they are binding. If the pressure is set too heavy or too light the results may not be good. When setting the travel you want the bottom seal to squish slightly. I recommend putting the safety sensors within 6-9″off the floor for optimal safety of pets and children. 

I have a 16′ wide garage door. Recently the door has been binding and does not open properly. I notice it bends a lot when it first opens. What should I do?

One thing to remember is that these wide doors are heavy and require several components to work in tandem to ensure proper and smooth operation. In general when the opener begins to pull the door up it puts a tremendous amount of force on the top center panel. Usually there is a metal band which runs across the top panel. This band sits on risers which act as a brace and counter force against the pull of the opener. I often see this band out of position and loose. Make sure it is tight. Also check the cables for tightness. Check also to see if the door is freezing along the bottom seal. If everything looks fine I recommend calling a local overhead door company.