This is just a quick reminder to anyone who might be planning a trip abroad. We all carry cell phones now a days and phone companies know how to make us pay. I recently traveled to the United States and Mexico on a cruise. Having experienced high cell bills in the past I determined not to let this happen again. So this time I turned off my phone as soon as I got on the plane and only briefly checked my e-mail and voice mail to text messages when I arrived in Miami. I turned the phone off when I got on the ship for the seven days while at sea. I thought I would have about $10- 20 added to my bill but it turned out to be $135.00. Apparently it costs $10.00/MB to roam now a days. I am surprised that I used 13.5 MB to quickly check my e-mail about 4 times. It is frustrating to say the least how these international companies take advantage of us. Some of you reading this might think I got what I bargined for but I simply think it is truely excessive.

So my advice is to be sure about what your plan covers. My plan costs me about $100.00 per month and it still doesn’t cover U.S. roaming.