Recently I inspected a very large home. This single family home had it all, several times over. I mean there were four entrances and too many rooms to recall. The main floor had two kitchens and a large office, den and two living/dining rooms. While there was lots of space there was also lots of things to clean and to fix. When you decide it is time to move you need to look at your needs as well as your desires. Some other factors that should be kept in mind would be the resale value when it is time to move again could you sell the home. The home I described above would cost about $800,000.00 to replace I am sure but it sold for less then half of its worth. Why you ask, because it is only appealing to a small market. Not everyone can afford to heat and maintain such a large home. Maintaining three furnaces may be a challenge and most buyers are not up for that.

So here is what I would recommend you keep in mind. When you find the home of your dreams be sure to include some trusted friends and relatives in your intentions. If you are stepping over the line so to speak they will likely try to reign you in. Sometimes when house shopping we tend to miss the forest for the trees. Secondly I recommend working with a realtor. By talking to a trained and trusted realtor you can narrow down that perfect home that is within your budget and needs.  The third suggestion is to have the home inspected of course. A good inspector is your best friend. The inspector doesn’t care about the fancy kitchen cabinets or the extra large garage/workshop that often sells the homeowner on the home.

Sometimes the inspectors report comes as a complete shock to the owner. I have had customers that expect  my report to be a glowing review but they are shocked to find out that I discovered some major and often obvious defects. I always say every home has a buyer but not every buyer wants the home once they see the inspection.  Just remember to include some friends and some professionals to aid you in your buying decision. After all making the wrong decision can be devastating so do your homework and make the right decision the first time. As always call Border Home Inspections for free inspection related advice anytime.