On a recent flight across the country I experienced some great customer service and thought I would acknowledge it here. In my business I try to be as professional as possible and the great service I received from Laurie on an Air Canada flight reminded me of just how my clients might feel when treated as though they are important and valued. During the flight Laurie stopped several times and spoke with my children and was very positive. It left the girls in a very relaxed mood. They obviously enjoyed her plesant demenor and felt she was genuinely interested in them. I thought about how the extra few minutes that Laurie spent talking to my children made them feel noticed. Her pure delight of being there doing her job was obvious.

I also considered that she might wish she was somewhere else as many of us do when we are at work, but if she did she was very good at hiding it. Her extra effort in customer service shone through to me and I found myself thinking about how positive I am when dealing with my customers. I will remember her example going forward and try to go that extra mile to make my clients more relaxed as they deal with me.