It’s the time of year to start spending more time outside. After a winter of snow and cold temperatures, your outdoor space could use a boost. Here are 5 deck and patio ideas to get it ready for use.

Add a Fire Pit

Any time of year, a fire pit adds a welcoming and festive ambiance to your outdoor space. An above-ground fire pit can be placed on almost any patio and on some decks. If you add a fire pit, make sure that it is at least 10 feet away from the house, deck railings, trees, and structures. If it is on a wooden deck, place a fireproof mat underneath. A chiminea is a great option because the fire is more contained and sparks are less likely to shoot out. If you are building a new patio, you could dig an in-ground fire pit first and install the patio surface around it.

Deck and Patio Ideas for Lighting

Your deck or patio is more enjoyable if it is lit up at night. There are several types of lights you can use to illuminate an outdoor space, from solar lights to outdoor string lights. Mount solar lights that automatically turn on at dusk to deck railings and steps. Hang decorative strings of lights from the roof covering, if there is one, or from posts on either side of the patio. If your patio is away from the house and a power source, you’ll need to rely solely on solar lighting.


During summer, the sun can beat down on your deck or patio and make it uncomfortably hot. Add some shade with a shade sail overhead, tall potted trees, or large umbrellas. Certain patio and decking materials can get so hot in the sun that they will burn bare feet and paws. Prevent this problem by installing one or more of these solutions to provide some shade.

Deck and Patio Ideas for Privacy

If your home is right up against the neighbors, your deck and patio might feel exposed. It’s always more relaxing to have some privacy when hanging out on your property. One method to making your outdoor space more private is planting some fast-growing trees or bushes. Some species that grow very quickly are Leyland cypress, silver maple, and green giant arborvitae. You could also build a privacy wall or hang some curtains from the covering over your deck or patio.


Besides making your deck well-lit and comfortable, make sure it is safe. Check the railings on decks for stability. Watch out for uneven areas on patios like cracks and protruding bricks that could be tripping hazards. Maintain wooden decking materials so they stay smooth and waterproof. The safety of your outdoor living space is just as important as the appearance.

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