As a homeowner, you’ll eventually want to make updates to your home. Improvements might be made to replace worn or damaged components or to give your living spaces an updated look. Whatever the reason for upgrades, you can tackle simple tasks to improve your home’s appearance and functionality. These five easy home renovations make a big difference.

Easy Home Renovations: Start With Flooring

Foot traffic, furniture, and pets do a lot of damage to the floor coverings in your home. The damage happens gradually, but over time, you’ll notice. Fortunately, there are products designed to make installing new flooring easy and affordable. Carpet tiles and interlocking vinyl are some DIY options that are simple to install. A new floor will make the entire room look better.


It’s easy and inexpensive to paint the walls and trim in your home to create a new look. You can also spruce up a room by painting and re-staining other parts of the décor. Wooden cabinets and furniture may have become scuffed or stained over the years. A few hours spent repainting them will create a like-new appearance without the cost of purchasing entirely new ones. Keep a similar color scheme or reinvent the whole room with a fresh palette of colors.

Replace Door Hardware

The handles and doorknobs in your house get used several times every day. Before long, they start to show their age. Frequent use can cause corrosion and a build-up of grime that isn’t always easy to remove. The kitchen and bathroom hardware often gets smudged and splattered with food, toiletries, and cleaning products.

Replacing door locks is a good security move if you think there are copies of your key floating around. To modernize, replace your current locks with smart locks that can be operated with a passcode or mobile device. These easy home renovations don’t take long but will improve your home’s appearance and functionality.

Upgrade Faucets and Shower Heads

Like doorknobs, your faucet handles have probably seen a lot of use over the years, making them an obvious choice to upgrade. The moving parts may have become worn, leading to plumbing leaks or loose handles. Replacing bathroom hardware improves appearances while simultaneously saving you money. A new, efficient showerhead or faucet will use less water per minute, reducing the demands on your water meter and your water heater. That translates into savings on two different utility bills, all from a very simple project.

Easy Home Renovations Include Replacing Light Fixtures

Replacing your light fixtures is an easy way to boost your home’s appearance. Older light fixtures may not provide enough light. Replace old and outdated fixtures with new, energy-efficient options that will brightly illuminate your room and ease the strain on your power meter.

Any home is going to experience wear and tear over time. Look at this as an opportunity to care for your property and modernize the house. You can also reduce water and power bills. Choose a few easy home renovations to upgrade your living spaces.

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