In my business I often come across issues with the homes I inspect as you can imagine. Most of the time these “issues” are things that I flag for my customers so they understand what is wrong or will soon be wrong with the home if the problem is not repaired. Most of these problems are minor in nature although there are times when the problems are more severe and should be addressed right away. I sometimes get call backs about these problems by customers who need clarification. Many times the customer tells me that a repair company was called and quoted an astronomical price to fix a minor problem.

When I say enough is enough I mean several things. One is fixing the problem means just that, fixing the problem not rebuilding the home. Too many contractors forget that money does not grow on trees and they recommend a total replacement of items that are easily repairable. For instance let’s say I notice three missing shingles on a roof that is 15 years old. The roofing company may come by and tell the homeowner that the entire roof should be replaced as the shingles are wearing out.  While this is true what they fail to mention is that they should last for another 10 years or so. I contend that the owner fix the three shingles for $300.00. The roofing company wants $4000.00 to make the roof all nice and new. As a homeowner myself, I think I would opt for the $300 repair for now and try to extend the life of the current roof for another 10 years.

I am not saying this happens all the time but it happens a lot. Contractors like to make everything nice and new but they need to ask themselves what is and is not absolutely necessary. It is like a landscape company offering to fix a lawn by fertilizing and seeding new grass. Another company may suggest  removing the top 4” of soil and starting again. It is simply wasteful in my opinion and it’s YOUR money so take some time to get several opinions. There will be times when replacement is smarter then fixing but those times are not a common as some might think.  Don’ t get me wrong, most contractors are honest and are not out to rob their clients. Some times however they go overboard and forget to count the costs.

Many renovators for instance like to do things their own way. This often means they want to destroy the work someone else has done because it does not meet their standards. While this is noble it is sometimes unreasonable and most often un-necessary. If the door is not exactly level but closes perfectly fine there is no need to tear it all out and reposition it. If you are the type of person that absolutely needs everything perfect, then by all means get out your wallet and go at it. For the rest of us we simply need a safe and healthy home that will keep us dry and warm.