If you are like me, a barbequed steak is a true summer treat. It is a time to gather in the great outdoors with friends and family. There is just something about cooking outdoors that is kind of neat and the taste of food cooked over open flame is the best. Of course there are a few safety concerns when you deal with open flame.

First of all I have inspected many homes that have melted siding. If the barbeque is pushed too close to the house the vinyl will overheat and melt. I would estimate that one in twenty homes that I inspect have melted siding. I wonder how many homes actually have burnt down as a result of barbeques. Overall I think barbeques are quite safe if you keep them away from combustible materials that may catch fire.

If you are using a propane bottle be sure it is certified and that it is not leaking. A 20 lb propane bottle has enough power in it to move an entire house off its foundation if it explodes. Also pay attention to the amount of propane the filling station attendants put in your bottle. If the bottle is overfilled and it heats up in the hot sun it could explode. Once again remember that propane gas is very dangerous and must be treated with the utmost caution.

Finally if you are fortunate enough to have a natural gas line plumbed to the deck where you can connect it directly to the barbeque you should be aware of a few safety rules here as well. First of all there should be a shut off located outside in easy reach of the barbeque. If something goes wrong you don’t want to be running into the house to find a shut off valve.  Secondly be sure to keep the valve closed and capped when it is not in use. I have come across several leaking quick connects because the valve was left open. I hope you find the tips helpful and that you enjoy your barbeque as much as I do.