Fire pits are a great way to enjoy a cool evening with family and friends. Cozying up with loved ones around a warm fire beats an evening in front of the TV any day. However, along with their benefits, fire pits can also pose some risks. Here are five essential fire pit safety tips to keep in mind to keep your evenings safe and enjoyable.

Keep a Safe Distance

It’s important to keep your fire pit at a safe distance from any flammable objects such as trees, wooden decks, and plants. Place your fire pit on a stable, level surface, away from overhanging branches or shrubs. Keep enough room around the pit for people to move around comfortably without getting too close to the fire.

Keep it Contained

Place your fire pit in a contained area – either use a fire pit with built-in containment or create one with cinder blocks, bricks, or stones. Add a screen topper for your fire pit to keep sparks and embers from leaving the pit. You want to prevent the spread of sparks and any hazardous embers from causing a fire elsewhere. Avoid placing a fire pit on wooden surfaces or dry grass patches, as they can easily catch fire.

Proper Fuel Choice is Critical for Fire Pit Safety

Only use fuel that is intended for fire pits. Common options include wood, propane, and natural gas, depending on the type of fire pit. Don’t ignite the fire pit with gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable substances, because volatile compounds can get out of control quickly. Also, refrain from burning materials like plastics, trash, or styrofoam, as they can release harmful chemicals.


Adults should continuously monitor the fire pit when in use. It’s essential to keep an eye on the flames and never leave the fire unattended. Not only is it a safety hazard, but it’s also not safe for children or pets. Be sure to provide constant attention to the fire, and put it out completely before leaving the area.

Fire Pit Safety: Extinguishing the Fire

Always remember to completely put out the fire before heading off to bed or leaving the area. Any remaining sparks can be a cause for concern and threaten safety. Your fire pit should be cool enough to touch, and you shouldn’t hear any sizzling or hissing from a fully extinguished fire. Check that any gas lines are turned off and all flames are out before leaving a gas fire.

Fire pits can provide a great source of warmth and family entertainment, but it’s crucial to consider the potential safety hazards. Using these five tips, you can ensure everyone’s safety while enjoying the warmth and comfort of a fire pit. 

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