I was recently inspecting a commercial building and noted a large section of shingles missing from the roof. It occurred to me that this damage likely happened during Mondays storm. Fromissing shinglesm the ground I could not see any damage but when I walked on the roof (which I always endeavor to do) I quickly noticed the problem. In this case the shingles remained on the roof. Often you will see the torn shingles on the ground. If you notice any shingles on the ground it is time to do some repairing ASAP. if you let this type of issue go even for a short time it could cost you a lot of money down the road. Remember to hire only qualified contractors to fix your shingles as a poor repair is not much better then no repair. Shingles are designed to be easily repaired so get it fixed yourself or hire it done so I don’t need to come out later on to do mold and air quality testing.