Saving money on energy costs is a concern for all homeowners. No one enjoys paying higher electric and fuel bills when the weather gets cold. Making your home energy-efficient keeps you comfortable with less impact on your bank account. Here are a few ways to heat your home efficiently.

To Heat Your Home Efficiently, Weatherize Your House

Get your home ready for cooler temperatures by weatherizing your house. One of the most effective ways to stop heat loss in your home is to install more insulation in the walls, ceilings, and underneath the flooring. More insulation can help lower your heating bill in the winter.

Locate drafts around door frames and windows and seal leaks with weather-stripping to prevent cold air from entering the house. Foam sealant or silicone caulking is effective for windows and door frames.

The furnace air filter should be changed every other month during the winter season when you’re using the system regularly. A clean filter allows the system to run more efficiently. Have the furnace system inspected by a licensed contractor in the late summer or early fall ahead of colder weather.

Update your old thermostat with a new programmable model that can be adjusted to reduce utility bills. Program the thermostat to turn the heat up before your family comes home from work and school. Set it to a lower temperature during the night when you’ll be warm under blankets. Another option is a modern, smart thermostat that can be operated from the convenience of a phone app.

Systems To Heat Your Home Efficiently

Ask contractors or local dealers in your area about the latest heating systems on the market. They will provide information on what type of system would be the best for your home. A contractor can calculate what size heating system will keep you comfortable in the worst winter conditions. They can offer an opinion on whether your current system should be maintained or upgraded to a new heating system.

Consider replacing your old heating system if it is more than 15 years old. The system should be replaced if it frequently breaks down and requires repairs. Your heating system needs to be updated if it operates continuously but doesn’t keep the house warm.

Portable electric heaters, including infrared space heaters, will help warm your home. They perform well without high-energy costs during winter.

Wood stoves are an excellent option for people who enjoy building a wood fire. Many stoves are equipped with thermostatically controlled blowers that turn on and off according to room temperature. An advantage of using a wood stove is that it provides heat without electricity which is helpful in case of a power outage. Purchase stoves that are EPA certified for the most efficient products to heat your home.

Propane or natural gas-operated systems are great for keeping the house warm during the coldest of conditions. They have the downside of being more expensive to operate during cold weather.

Have a Home Energy Audit Performed

A home energy audit is a great solution for homeowners who want to learn where their money is going when it comes to heating or cooling their house. A professional will perform an inspection of the entire house to see what can be done to improve energy efficiency. Order an energy audit before you begin shopping for a new heating system.

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