When I look at a boiler system I expect to see it running between 130 – 170 degrees F. If the temperature is in this range the pressure in the loops should be between 10-20 lbs. If either of these two things are not in this range I begin to wonder why not. I try to determine how the system is set up and where everything goes. I check which loops are currently active using the thermal camera and I check to see if they are producing heat. If the pressure is off it could be  leak or even an air bubble obstructing proper flow. Of course I am not a repair person but I try to narrow down the problem for my customer. Boiler systems can be quite complicated but I have yet to see one that operates outside of these parameters. If every zone is similar in temperature leaving the boiler and things are flowing quietly throughout you likely have a properly functioning system. If any of the above things are out of whack you may want to have the boiler checked.