A smoke detector is vital to any fire safety plan, but its effectiveness depends on proper installation. Here are some of the best places to install smoke detectors in your home so you and your family can sleep soundly, knowing you’re as safe as possible from fire hazards.

In Every Bedroom

Because family members tend to be less alert while in their bedrooms, it’s essential to have smoke detectors installed there. The occupant will immediately be alerted if a bedroom fire breaks out.

Places to Install Smoke Detectors: On Every Level

Install detectors on every level of your home, including the basement. Heat and smoke rise, so having sensors on lower levels will give you an early warning if there’s a fire downstairs. Place the basement smoke alarm on the ceiling at the bottom of the steps.

Outside Sleeping Areas

Install smoke detectors outside each sleeping area in your home so you can be alerted to a fire even if you’re sound asleep. Devices in the hallway will sound if a fire occurs outside the bedrooms, warning everyone inside of the danger.

In the Kitchen

Install detectors in the kitchen because that’s where most home cooking fires start. Place the device between 10 and 12 feet from cooking appliances to reduce the chances of a false alarm while preparing dinner.

Laundry Rooms are Places to Install Smoke Detectors

Another potential hazard zone is the laundry room because dryer lint can catch fire if the lint trap isn’t cleaned regularly. A smoke detector in this room can help prevent disaster.

Common Areas

In addition to these areas, have at least one detector in a central location on each level. The living room or family room is a great place to install a smoke alarm. If there’s a fire, the alarm will sound, and everyone will know to evacuate immediately.

Test Your Smoke Detectors Monthly

A well-placed smoke detector is one of the best ways to protect your family from fire hazards, but only if it’s working correctly. Monthly testing is non-negotiable to keep your family safe from fires. Set a recurring reminder on your calendar or phone so you don’t forget.

Be sure to test each device monthly and change the batteries at least yearly (twice per year if they’re not the 10-year lithium batteries). By following these simple tips, you can rest assured your home is as safe as possible from fires.

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