Most children enjoy helping out around the house as they learn skills and habits from observing and imitating their parents. When updating your property, choose a few kid-friendly home improvement projects to get younger family members involved.

Kid-Friendly Home Improvement: Plant a Container Garden

It is rewarding to harvest and eat food you have grown. Even young children can choose and plant seeds. Purchase window boxes, planters for the front porch, or several large pots for the backyard deck. Anywhere there is sufficient sunlight, your family can garden. Tomatoes, cantaloupes, peppers, and squash are easy to grow in pots. Your kids will love harvesting vegetables from the backyard.

Install New Cabinet Hardware

You’ll only need to give your kids a screwdriver to complete this project. New cabinet hardware is a quick and easy way to update your kitchen. Have your children help remove the old drawer knobs and pulls and cabinet handles. This is the perfect time to teach the younger ones that turning to the left will loosen the screws. Install the new hardware by turning the screws to the right to tighten them.

Test Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are essential for every home. Teach your children how to test them by pressing the button on the device. Warn them of the loud alarm and explain that the sound means there is a chance of a fire in the house. Replace the batteries if necessary. For kids with a calendar app, have them set a reminder to test smoke detectors in the home once a month.

Paint an Accent Wall for Easy, Kid-Friendly Home Improvement

Painting is an easy project for children to get involved with and it’s a great skill for them to learn. Start small by painting an accent wall. Paint one wall in your child’s room in chalkboard paint to give them a place they can draw and create.

Mask the space, prep the wall, move furniture away from the work area, and spread sturdy canvas drop-cloths on the floor. The adults can handle the top of the wall, while the children paint the lower half of the room. Show your kids how to roll the paint in a ‘W’ shape to help prevent roller lines.

Upgrade the Mailbox

The mailbox is one of the first things people notice when they visit your home. Improve your mailbox and you’ll also boost curb appeal. Remove the mailbox from the post. Touch it up with spray paint or personalize the paint job. If the mailbox has seen better days, it’s best to install a new one. Get your kids to help re-attach the box to the post. They can also help plant flowers around the base of the post to add color to the area.

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