Wow this has been is a brutal winter.

Most of us are groaning about how awful this winter has been, or shall I say still is. I on the other hand am grateful that the winter is sticking around a bit longer. I think of this winter as a boxing match between nature and people, so far we are in the tenth round and nature has us against the ropes so to speak. All that would be needed for nature to really win would be to have a quick warm up and melt.

I live on an acreage out of town and my property is on the low corner of a quarter section. This means that each year about this time my property is inundated with spring run off which covers about 45% of my property. Looking out my window to the north I can see vast fields of white. The fear for me this year is that the white stuff is or was about three feet thick. I anticipated a catastrophe if we had a quick thaw. Fortunately nature has failed to throw the knock out punch, so far anyway. Temperatures of -6  to +2 are about perfect for a slow melt, and I for one am grateful.

Even though we will make it through this winter we have definitely come out with a few bruises. I have personally inspected several homes that have experienced the effects of ice damming. Last week I viewed a home where the homeowners will need to completely gut out their sunroom as the walls and ceiling are soaked from the ice build up and melt through their roof.  This family said the have never had any leaks in the past 22 years.  I inspected a home this week that had evidence on the outside of ice damming. Walking on the roof I began to slide on loose rock left when the ice melted.  A walk in the attic confirmed wet eaves and mold on the sheathing. If you experienced some of these negative effects of this years weather and need free advice on what steps to take, give me a call and I will help if I can.