With most real estate transactions, once the house is under contract, the buyers will order a home inspection. The inspector will look for safety issues or defects in the home that need to be repaired before the sale is finalized. Order a pre-listing home inspection to identify issues that can be remedied before putting the home on the market. Getting your house in better shape ahead of time will lead to a more successful transaction. Here are a few of the benefits of a pre-listing inspection.

Avoid Unexpected Surprises With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

One of the benefits of ordering an inspection before listing the house is that you can avoid surprises from the buyer’s inspection. If you become aware of issues early, you have time to make repairs before showing the property. If you have some of the bigger issues taken care of, you may be able to list the house for a higher price and lessen the chance of negotiations later in the process.

Make Negotiations Easier and Increase Buyer Confidence

In a buyer’s market, there are many benefits of a pre-listing home inspection. If you have an inspection report to show your buyers, along with receipts for repairs, your buyers will know that your home was well-cared for. This will make negotiations easier and increase the buyer’s confidence in the property.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Can Make the Sale Happen Faster

If you have a pre-listing inspection and have repairs done, buyers may opt-out of ordering their own inspection. This will save time on the sale. Removing the buyer’s inspection step will speed up the sale and reduce the chance of the contract falling through.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Provides Time for Improvements

Ordering a pre-listing home inspection gives you plenty of time to get repairs done and may save you money. It provides the opportunity to get multiple quotes and you can choose the most cost-effective contractor. You may even be able to repair some of the issues yourself. If a big-ticket item needs to be replaced, such as an appliance, you’ll have time to wait for a sale or compare prices to save money. Typically when issues are found during the buyer’s inspection, the seller will be rushed to get the repairs done before closing.

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