Are you considering moving your family from the city to the country? There are a lot of differences between living in the country and living in a town or city. People have migrated to the cities over the years to take advantage of a lot of the conveniences of city life.  One major convenience of a city is that someone else looks after the sewage disposal. When you move to an acreage or are building a new country residence you will need to deal with the septic component yourself. You may be surprised at the complexity of this part of the country lifestyle.

Recently I spent three days of a six day course learning about septic design. I can’t express how much I have learned already and how surprised I was at the complexity of onsite sewage waste disposal systems as they are called now-a-days. It surprised me how many design parameters must be considered to properly size a septic tank and field system. My biggest eye opener was the impact of garborators on septic systems. I have never been a big fan of garborators in homes and after learning that installing a single garborator would require the septic system to be 30% larger I had my mind made up.

Its true, if you plan to put in a garborator or garbage grinder as some people call them you will need to install a larger septic tank and field system. Food from the garborators apparently overwhelms the septic tank unless it is factored into the design. The extra ground up food requires about 30% more bacteria, tank space and field capacity to properly eliminate the waste. So I suggest you consider composting your food scraps above ground as the garborator is going to cause you to spend thousands of dollars extra in a sewage disposal system not to mention the total waste of good compost. I for one have decided to pay closer attention to what goes down the sink.