Certain parts of the home are often ignored by homeowners. As long as things seem to work normally, they assume there is not a problem. Even when they do see signs of an issue, they don’t think it is serious. One of those problem areas can be the sewer lines. Some home inspectors offer a sewer scope inspection that routes a camera into the sewer lines. Here are 4 ways this process can be beneficial for homeowners and homebuyers.

A Sewer Scope Inspection Diagnoses Problems

Many homeowners don’t know the reason for slow-moving drains. Over time, the problem can become worse until a complete clog occurs or a backup takes place. A sewer scope inspection can determine what the problem is and where it is located. This allows proper action to be taken without wasting money and effort.

Damaged Pipes are Easily Spotted

Poor drain function looks the same to a homeowner whether it is attributed to a clog or to a damaged pipe. The issue needs to be identified before the problem can be solved.

When an old sewer pipe has collapsed or begun to rust, a sewer scope inspection will help the homeowner determine exactly where the issue is located. Armed with that information, he or she can contact a qualified plumbing service and help them make a well-planned repair effort that quickly gets to the source of the problem.

Is the Problem Yours or the Municipality?

When your drains don’t function properly, it is hard to say if the problem is on your side of the line or if it is an issue with the public utility. A sewer scope inspection can determine where the issue is located. If the homeowner knows that their sewer lines are in good shape, he or she can present the report to the public sewer authority.

Sewer Scope Inspections Prevent Unnecessary Treatments

When drains move slowly, many people pour chemicals down the drain. They can sometimes see an improvement as the product dissolves buildup that has accumulated on the main obstruction. However, these chemicals can also weaken the pipes without solving the root of the problem.

A sewer line problem can have a variety of causes. Sometimes tree roots compromise sewer lines, or there could be an obstruction or leak. A sewer scope inspection will pinpoint the exact location of the issue so there will be minimal disturbance to the yard.

Sewer problems make homeowners nervous about large plumbing bills and disruptive messes. While this is sometimes the case, a sewer scope inspection can pinpoint the issue and streamline the effort needed to correct it.

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