If you are working from home but don’t have a dedicated room to make a home office, there are plenty of solutions to make it work. An office doesn’t have to use a lot of space. For many lines of work, all you need is an area to set up a laptop. Here are 5 ideas for your small home office.

Remove the Doors From a Closet for a Small Home Office

A small reach-in style closet can be transformed into an office nook simply by removing the doors. Once the doors are off, slide a desk into the closet. Measure first to make sure the desk’s width will fit inside the closet. Add a desk chair and you have your office space ready to go. A chair on wheels can easily be moved out of the way when you aren’t working.

Fold-Up Desk

You’ve heard of a Murphy bed that folds down from the wall, but what about a fold-down desk? If you don’t want your desk taking up space in your small home all day, this type of desk is the perfect solution. You can make your own by attaching a shelf to the wall with hinges. Add a latch above it that will secure it folded against the wall when not in use.

A Small Home Office Under the Stairs

In many homes, there is a space underneath the staircase that isn’t used for anything. This could be the perfect area for a small home office that is inconspicuous and out of the way.

Use Part of the Kitchen

Does your kitchen have extra counter space that you don’t use for food prep? Take the cabinet out from underneath a section of the counter so that you can fit a chair underneath. Another option is working at your kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Attic or Basement

If you have been wanting to finish an unfinished area of your home anyway, this could be the perfect opportunity to create a home office. By finishing or partially finishing the attic or basement, you’ll add value to the home and get some return on your investment. An attic or basement office is especially beneficial because you’ll be away from the noise and activity of the rest of the house.

If you need a space to work at home but square footage is limited, you can still have a home office. A small space is all you need. Use the above ideas to create your perfect workspace that fits in with the rest of the house.

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