Last week I went to a meet the teacher conference at my daughters high school. Was I in for a surprise when I walked through those doors. I used to be a high school teacher myself many moons ago and somehow had the idea that school was school and I knew what I could expect, boy was I wrong.  First of all the principal and staff introduced the parents to the school and asked if we would all “like” them on face book. Really, I thought. They went on to explain that most of the school activities would be on face book if the parents wanted to stay updated. Next came the tours of the classrooms. I was once again impressed at the integration of the smart board in the front of each classroom that the teachers just swiped to display information about the course and other neat stuff they had planned for my daughter. Before I left the school the teachers gave us websites to go to if we wanted to set up accounts to receive text message reminders when our children had tests and assignments. I left the school  thinking I must have slept for the past decade or so while all this happened around me.

Getting more to the topic of this issue of ask the inspector I will talk about a few ways technology has crept into our homes as well. This summer we have seen tremendous rains and a lot of flooded basements. Some of the homes I inspect have a system in place that will automatically call the homeowners cell phone if the water in the sump goes above its high level mark. This most likely saves lots of homes from water damage. There is also a lot of homes that have heat sensors that will call you or the alarm company if the temperature of a room (usually the furnace room) gets too hot or too cold. I have been told that there are alarm systems out there today that allow the homeowner to lock and unlock the doors of their home remotely from their cell phone as well.

Some other uses of this technology includes the ability of the homeowner to dial into their  homes’ thermostat and raise or lower the temperature as their needs change and unique situations arise. Todays technology also gives you the ability to see what’s happening at your home when you are away.  It is now possible to view your home security camera on your cell phone.  Special thanks to Purely Essential security in Lloydminster for this weeks information on home technology. Who knows what to expect next. Well I got to go as Star Track is coming on and I don’t want to miss it. I haven’t figured out how to program the VCR to record yet.