From my experience I have noticed two major causes of early shingle wear outside of the obvious wind storms etc. Can you guess what they are? The first is tree branches rubbing on the shingles. As most of you know asphalt shingles are essentially just tar and fibers of gravel and glass and it doesn’t take much to wear this off especially on a warm day when the tar is soft. I have seen entire roofs that need replaced 10 – 15 years early due to this. The second culprit is builders who design the eaves troughs in such a way  that the upper roof drains onto the lower roof. While you might think this is insignificant just watch the extra water pouring down the roof in a heavy storm. I would say that the additional water in these cases can destroy the localized shingles at least 5 years sooner. A little extra work and you can prevent this.  I came across this downspout in an inspection this week, this is how it should be done but I rarely see it even in new construction.