If you have an unfinished basement, there are plenty of options for renovations. Create a functional space your family can enjoy. Here are a few ideas to upgrade the basement you and your family might consider.

Build a Spare Bedroom

If your family is growing or you often have guests spend the night, a basement bedroom offers additional space and privacy. Because basements tend to be poorly lit, include adequate lighting in your bedroom design. While renovating to create another bedroom, you might include a bathroom in the project.

Upgrade the Basement with a Home Gym

If you are tired of the drive back and forth to the gym or prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home, a basement gym is a worthwhile project. Add exercise stations that appeal to your family members. Install foam flooring tiles and a large mirror. Purchase hand weights, yoga mats, and resistance bands for your gym.

Create a Home Theater

Because basements are dark, a home theater is a great feature to include downstairs. Add a large movie screen and projector, a surround sound system, dimmable lighting, and comfortable recliners. An island or bar cart can store a popcorn machine and a station for drinks and snacks.

Wet Bar

If you enjoy entertaining, add a wet bar in the basement. Install cabinets and place the bar along the wall or make the wet bar the main focal point of the space with a wrap-around countertop and bar stools. You’ll want a refrigerator, glassware, and shelving to store the liquor bottles.

Creating a Kids Playroom to Upgrade the Basement

If you have kids who need space to play, upgrade the basement to a playroom. Use storage bins to organize toys. Include a TV stand and comfortable seating. Depending on your child’s preferences, you might install a climbing wall, hang a swing from the rafters, or add a table for playing with building blocks.

Move the Laundry Room

If you have a large family and feel like laundry is a never-ending task, you might appreciate a bigger room to fold the clothes. A basement laundry room keeps the laundry out of the way, and you’ll have more space to set up the ironing board. Install shelves to store detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, and iron.

If you have an unused basement, create a space your entire household will appreciate. The basement can become a functional space to spend time with family and friends.

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