Solar lights are an excellent way to illuminate outdoor living spaces and add ambiance to the landscaping. They are eco-friendly, inexpensive, and won’t increase your monthly electricity bill. If you’re looking to invest in new lighting, there are various ways to use solar lighting to make outdoor spaces safer and brighter.

Uses of Solar Lighting: String Lights

String lights are ideal for outdoor events such as birthday parties or barbecues. They are cost-effective and easy to install, even without professional help. String lights are also an easy way to enhance outdoor lighting in a gazebo or beneath a pergola.

There are different shapes and sizes available. Pick a style that compliments your outdoor decor and landscaping. Solar-powered string lights can be used along a deck railing, on the front porch, in trees or shrubbery, or along a fence.

Ground Lighting

Some styles of solar lighting can be installed directly on the ground. Use stake lights to line a pathway, illuminate a potted plant, or throughout the flower bed to add ambiance. Flat puck lights are another option for ground lighting. Like stake lights, they can be used around a fountain, along a walkway, and near the house to highlight architectural features. Because these lights don’t have to be inserted into the earth they can be used around the swimming pool and on stairs.

Uses of Solar Lighting for Your Fence

Fence lighting illuminates a perimeter or boundary. Typically, the most effective fence lights are those that provide you with up to 8 hours of light. Some options are motion activated. Regardless of the style you choose, place the lights directly on the fence panels or mount them to the top of the fence posts to illuminate an area.

Along Pathways

Lighting pathways and walkways boosts safety. Solar-powered path lights brighten the way, coming on automatically at sunset. Plus, they don’t add to your energy bills. Install the lights along one side of a sidewalk or stagger them to mark a pathway through the yard.

Use Solar Lighting in the Garden

Lighting the garden draws attention to the trees and landscaping. Lights boost curb appeal and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the lawn at night. Stake lights can be placed to strategically illuminate the flower bed or highlight a water feature. Add smaller lights in planters and hanging baskets to create a warm glow around the foliage.

Solar lighting is a low-maintenance way to brighten your property without increasing your electric bill. These low-cost lights change the look and feel of your yard and patio by providing an atmosphere of warmth and a welcoming ambiance.

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