Propane is a commonly used fuel but it does have a few short comings. The greatest obstacle you may need to overcome is that fact that our climate can become so cold that the propane can gel inside the tank and shut down your heating appliance. When the outside temperature gets to -45 degrees Celsius the propane gas can liquify in the tank and it will not travel through the lines in liquid form. The best solution is to place a heat lamp under the tank to keep the temperature above -45 degrees. Another limitation of propane is that it is a limited supply. In other words you need to call for delivery when the tank gets low. Most people rent their tank so that will cost you around $15/month. Remember that propane burns hotter than Natural gas so you need to change the orifice on most modern appliances. Propane needs a smaller orifice than natural gas. Lastly propane is about 3 times the cost of natural gas per BTU of energy produced.