A while back I wrote about some great customer service I received while on vacation. Today I wanted to talk about poor service and its effect on business. Recently I preformed an acreage inspection for a fine couple. When I explained my fees they were a bit surprised it was so high but decided that the extra effort I promised to provide would be worth it. After the inspection I asked, as I always do if they were satisfied with the report and the service they received. They replied it was worth the expense to know the true condition of the acreage.

Today I got a call from the lady who said that I was apparently too thorough. She called the insurance company and they said there was too many issues in the report for them to feel confident in insuring this property. I have never heard this before. I also do not recall very many issues on this property. It is true that I put over 70 photos in the report but nothing was exceptional here that is not common in most homes. My initial thought is that this insurance agent is either not that bright or too busy to deal with her client. In any case this one agents attitude and work ethic is being questioned and I suggested the lady call someone who I know to be willing to work for her. Do you suppose this agent understands that her long time customer is about to walk away for good. That her attitude toward the client is going to cost her company many thousands of dollars over the years in lost revenue.

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