Phase One Environmental Assessment

Border Home Inspections is now registered and trained by Associated environmental site Assessors of Canada to preform Phase One Environmental Assessments in Lloydminster and the entire mid west region. With so many overlaps in they type of services I currently offer it was a clear choice to venture into the environmental assessments field. I found the course materials were very familiar to me and the site visit part of the course contained procedures that I already preform as part of my commercial inspection. Many times I have recommended either a phase one or phase two environmental assessments based upon site conditions. Often times my clients have decided to take my advice and have eventually decided not to buy the property based upon the inspection and phase one findings. I always say sometimes you first loss is your best loss. Buying a property that contains environments contamination is very costly. Remember once you own it you are responsible for cleaning it up and that process can be intimidating and very costly.

By hiring border Home Inspections to complete your Phase One Environmental assessment your can be sure that the inspection will be thorough and the site investigation will be well done. As an inspector for over 11 years I have become adept at knowing the types of questions to ask and who to ask. With the right information a full assessment will be able to put together pieces of information that often lead to otherwise unexpected conclusions. Through interviews and observations I often uncover past use issues that may otherwise be overlooked. Often small clues can be seen during the site inspection that may lead to more investigations. Hiring an experienced inspector puts you one step closer to learning as much as possible about the property you hope to purchase.

Click the ling below to view a U tube video that does a great job at explaining the purpose and processes involved in a Phase one ESA. WHAT IS A PHASE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT