What our customers have to say;

Report is great thanks! Very thorough, also like how you didn’t wright in too fancy words. The videos added in are great, it read like you were personally talking to us rather then trying to sound technical.  Seriously I don’t think there is a bad thing to say. Great Job. Even explaining what you are showing in the video itself rather than a paragraph below added much more to it. Yep, we kept discussing how you really know your stuff while reading it. Done’t want to swell your head too much but it was great.


______________________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to thank Aulden Reid of  Border Home Inspections. When the water pump in my well failed, I called border home inspections and Aulden came out within an hour. He was a great help in removing the pump which had fallen into the well due to a corroded fitting which broke. Aulden explained to me that the fitting failed because it was made out of the wrong type of metal. He instructed me on the type of fitting to use which wouldn’t corrode. He even helped me install the proper fitting and made sure everything was working properly. Thanks for the great service Aulden!

-James Friesen, MARSHALL HOME INSPECTION, August 2011


Thanks for the great work. I’ve had a number of inspections done on other properties and yours was by far the most professional and complete that I’ve seen.


I highly recomend Border Home Inspections for the following reasons.

  • Awesome report! – You get a very well organized and detailed inspection report complete with detailed photos, and suggestions.
  • Great Service – He walks through the inspection with you in person (if requested) giving you information and details on all of his findings.
  • Future Support – I am very confident in his inspection, knowing even years later, if I ever have anymore questions I can always contact him!
  • Experience – He seems to be very educated and well experienced in the area of home and building inspections.

Thanks again for you service,

We were blown away by the depth and detail, wow!! We spent hours combing over everything and figured it all out,Very nicely done well thought out report and thank you. Dealing with you has been a pleasure and we hope to have dealings with you again.



Thank you very much for the inspection of our commercial building. The report was prompt, concise and accurate. It helped us to determine the maintenance priorities of the building and how to budget for it. We will definitely let you know if we need more buildings inspected in the future!

Thanks again.

Thank you so much for everything and doing such a wonderful thorough job, we really appreciate your honesty, which is hard to come by these days. We’ll definitely not only be turning to you for future use but recommend your services as well.

-Vicki I. MARWAYNE HOME INSPECTION, February 2010<

Thanks so much for your help with this, Aulden!áIt’s always nice to get second (and third and fourth opinions) especially if they all jive.áWe really appreciate all you’ve done and would not hesitate to refer your services to others that we know.

-Jeff M. ST PAUL HOME INSPECTION November 2009<

Thank you once again Aulden. It is great to know someone who has the knowledge and experience you do. By having the place inspected we were able to save money that we may not have needed to spend after all! It gives us peace of mind knowing we can call on you, and your dependability and honesty are so much appreciated. I also found the Thermal image camera very interesting, by using that in your inspection, I was able to see where cold air was coming in through places I would have never expected!! I am very impressed and will definitely recommend you to all of our friends!



Thank you so much for the fantastic service during my inspection process. This was the first time I’ve ever hired a home inspector so I didn’t know what to expect or have anything to compare to, but you’ve set the bar very high. I really appreciate that you were so thorough and knowledgeable and it was obvious how important it was to you that the job was done well. I learned a lot without being made to feel stupid for not knowing in the first place. I wish more people strived to provide the level of service you do. I also think your website is a fantastic resource and appreciate how quickly I received my final report. Overall it was definitely money well spent!

-Kim Cromarty, PROVOST HOME INSPECTION, March 2010<

“Thank you so much for such a thorough inspections! We appreciate your time and expertise. Your report is always very detailed and we love that it includes pictures and videos to illustrate different items (good and of concern) that you’re making us aware of. Thank you for always presenting your finding in an unbiased way, and for offering a maintainence summary as well as a list of potential concerns (very handy!!). We will continue to use Border Home Inspections in the future and of course recommend your services to all of our friends and family in the area! Thanks again, third time was a charm!

Brenda Cormac,  November 2012”