A well-prepared homeowner will have a tool kit on hand for making improvements and repairs. A stocked toolbox comes in handy for various tasks around the house. Here are a few basic tools every homeowner should have.

Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A screwdriver is one of the most commonly used tools in a home. They’re great for tightening fasteners on a variety of things. You’ll use screwdrivers for opening battery compartments on electronics, tightening cabinet handles, and assembling furniture. Buy a set with more than one tip and in different sizes to tackle most projects around the house.


You’ll see many types of pliers when shopping for tools: channel-lock, lineman’s, locking pliers, and needle-nose. Channel-lock pliers can easily be adjusted and are perfect for gripping nuts. Lineman’s pliers cut and twist wires.

Needle-nose pliers are great for when you want to access hard-to-reach areas, and vise-grips can be used to clamp small objects. You get more for your dollar if you buy needle-nose pliers that also have a cutting blade at the hinge.


Invest in a hammer that has a comfortable weight and grip. Some hammers have grip tape with a vibration-dampening coating. If you’re going to use a hammer for demolition and driving nails, look for a model with a straight or “rip” claw instead of a curved one.

Sledgehammers may not be as essential as a hammer, but they’re a great tool to have in your shed. With their strength, sledgehammers are perfect for breaking concrete and come in handy for other demolition projects.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have: Wrenches

A few adjustable wrenches are great for working with hex nuts and bolts. You’ll use wrenches for home repairs, plumbing projects, and assembling furniture.

Also in your toolbox, keep an Allen wrench and hex key on hand. They are often used to put together furniture and other things around the house. Allen wrenches are usually sold in sets of various sizes.

Staple Gun

A staple gun is a perfect tool for fastening jobs like re-tacking carpet, securing fabric, and installing insulation sheets. Most homeowners choose a manual staple gun because they’re less expensive and easier to use than electric and pneumatic models.

Duct and Painter’s Tape

There are countless things you can do with duct tape, like fix a leaky pipe and make quick, temporary repairs. It’s good to keep duct tape (and scissors for cutting the tape) in your toolbox.

Painter’s tape is also helpful to have around, though it’s not as durable as duct tape or as sticky. Painter’s tape is great for masking areas before you paint, marking floor plans, and planning a gallery wall.

You can complete many simple home projects with these basic tools, but you need more than just some know-how. Make sure you research and watch tutorials on the project you are attempting and hire a professional if the job is more than you can handle.

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