The landscaping and hardscaping outside of your home add to the enjoyment of your property. Every year when the temperatures start dropping at night, it can be frustrating to head inside before you’re ready to. Thankfully, there are many different ways to warm up your outdoor space so that you are comfortable even when it’s chilly out.

Install Patio Heaters to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

Patio heaters are one of the most versatile ways to warm up your outdoor space, and a single patio heater can put out plenty of heat for your patio or deck. If you are using a propane-fueled heater, operate it with plenty of space for ventilation. Place the heater on a flat, smooth surface and in a place where there is little risk of it being bumped by someone walking by.

Warm Up Your Outdoor Space With a Fire

Fire adds ambiance to your yard and provides plenty of warmth. Build an outdoor fireplace or use a portable fire pit for a more versatile option to warm up your outdoor space. Install it in part of the yard sheltered from the wind. The fire pit should be on even-ground, at least ten feet away from anything flammable, including tree cover.

Add Rugs to the Deck or Patio

Most decks and patios have wood or concrete flooring. While this is practical, it is not ideal for staying warm. There are many different styles, colors, and patterns of outdoor rugs designed to resist moisture or heat damage. By adding an outdoor rug to your floor, you can add softness and comfort. Never place a fire pit on top of a rug.

Layers and Blankets

On top of using fire pits and patio heaters to warm up your outdoor space, also layer up. Blankets are a great way to add warmth without changing your outfit. Many different textiles are weather-resistant and safe to store outside or in your garage. Another great way to add warmth is by layering cushions and pillows on the benches and chairs in your outdoor living space.

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