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A friend of mine tells me that the new closed cell spray foam is a very good insulating product. Should I pay a little extra for this type of insulation or just put in conventional insulation?

Spray foam is unmatched in its insulating qualities. The closed cell foam is best as it has trapped inert gases in it that resist most types of energy movement including radiant, convection and conduction. This means it saves a lot of heat energy. The greatest...

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Our baby is one year old and we are worried about his safety on our back deck, specifically with regard to the handrail and spindle spacing. What size opening is safe for our baby?

The standard for spindle spacing is a maximum of 4”. If there are spaces in the railing that a 4” ball will pass through it is technically not up to code. If the spacing is greater than 4” a small child could get their head through the railing and become stuck when...

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The best way to describe this device is to say it has a circuit board inside it which is constantly measuring the flow of electrons within the circuit. When one side of the circuit gets out of balance from the other the circuit board detects a fault and trips shutting off the flow of electricity. Think of it as a river flowing underground which resurfaces a short distance away. If the river has always had the same flow and all of a sudden only half the volume emerges from the ground you would know there was a problem. The GFI works the same way. If even a little of the current strays into your body for instance, the GFI will detect it and trip potentially saving your life. We know that as little as 1 amp of electrical current can kill a person. The breaker in most cases will not trip until it reaches a load of 15 Amps. The GFI will trip at 5 milliamps or 5% of one amp.

A lot of electrical appliances such as hair dryers have been ruined by trying to run them on a razor plug. The problem is the razor plug has a transformer in it which reduces the electricity down to around 20 watts. Your hair dryer needs a much higher wattage as does...

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