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Q: Last week our windows on the south side leaked during a driving rain. We rarely get rain from this direction and have never seen a leak here before. Do you recommend replacing the windows?

A: This sort of thing happened to me as well. I have lived in this home for over four years and never experienced any issues. All of a sudden there was a lot of water leaking in and around the window during the storm.  I immediately associated the leak with the...

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Our home has gray plastic water lines. Someone said these lines are likely going to leak. Our home is 30 years old, don’t you think if the lines were going to leak they would have already?

The lines you are talking about are likely poly “B” lines. While it is true these lines have had a poor history and many homes have flooded from this type of pipe, you need to consider a couple of things before you get too excited. As you said, your home is 30 years...

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How can I tell if my boiler is running properly?

When I look at a boiler system I expect to see it running between 130 – 170 degrees F. If the temperature is in this range the pressure in the loops should be between 10-20 lbs. If either of these two things are not in this range I begin to wonder why not. I try to...

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